Contributions to the future... Cemented in our hearts!

November 23, 2014

Dr. L.M Pancholia, Hon. Chairman, Indian High School, Dubai, greets and thanks Mr. Harish Bhatia, Director of Kwality Printing and stationery for his contributions.

Since the launch of the IHS endowment fund, over a year ago, we have been grateful to the benevolent contributions from our donors. We’re pleased to add another name to our endowment fund family, Mr. Harish Mohanlal Bhatia, Director, Kwality Printing & Stationery. Mr. Bhatia has generously contributed AED 100,000 towards the school’s endowment fund.

It is enthralling to see that the contributors believe in the spirt and goodwill of IHS. This fund facilitates the growth and development of the school. Mr. Bhatia, with his magnanimity, has not only cemented his name in our hearts, but also found a sacrosanct place on the recognition brick wall, in the façade of the school, as our valued contributor!

The Endowment Fund is an avenue for IHS to enhance the infrastructure, provide quality education at minimal costs and invest in research and development. A institution like ours, strives to keep improving our facilities and providing better education and infrastructure for our students, without compromising on quality.