The Business Simulation Challenge

May 2, 2016

The Business Simulation Challenge was held on 23rd April 2016 at the Heriot Watt Campus Dubai.

The competition required teams to compete with other schools using one of the most innovative business simulators in UAE. They owned their own business and made management decisions about it whilst competing across different markets in the GCC region.

32 companies, from 13 schools across 4 GCC markets participated.

Team ORBIS, the Girls team from The Indian High School Dubai, celebrated an incredible victory.

They topped the business challenge table with a whopping stock market share and huge profits.

In the first round of the challenge, they held the second place in the stock exchange but in the successive six rounds they topped the table with a first place. This allowed them to bag an overall trophy with 6000 Dirhams cash prize and certificates of participation and excellence.

Their strategies were mind blowing compared to other companies who tried to slash them down or downsize them but they kept to the top by their well defined strategies.

The other two teams managed to pick up their pace once they got familiarized with simulator.