School News May 2019

June 23, 2019


Grade 5 & 6 (Boys)

Card Making competition was conducted on May 1st. This competition aimed to appreciate the commitment & dedication of the school's ancillary staff. It also helped students to encourage the values of giving back to society.

Thematic Assembly was held on May 12th. The objective of this assembly for students was to motivate them to follow a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Doctor Talk on health & fitness and Poster Making on health tips were included.

Grade 7 & 8 (Girls)

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Ramadan’ was held on May 6th. Through a role play, students highlighted the importance of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Disaster Management’ was held on May 20th. This assembly was an opportunity for students to address about a natural or man-made disaster and the measures taken for such situations. The message was brought out through a role play and presentations. It brought a sense of awareness and preparedness among them.

Grade 7 (Boys)

Book Mark Making competition was conducted on May 15th. Students created beautiful book marks and conveyed their messages on it to celebrate World Family Day. It helped them comprehend the importance of being global citizens.

Grade 9 & 10 (Girls)

Inter-House Short English Play competition was conducted on May 1st. The purpose of this competition for students was to celebrate Ramadan, International Day of Families, Mother’s Day and Labour’s Day. All the four houses left no stone unturned in putting their best foot forward. The atmosphere was full of zeal and enthusiasm.

Picnic to Wild Wadi for grade 9 and Atlantis for grade 10 was organised on May 2nd. This activity proved to be fun filled and adventurous. Students enjoyed themselves throughout the day. The fun and excitement was palpable.

Tagline Competition and Collage Making (Inter-House) with the theme titled ‘Tolerance’ was conducted on May 8th respectively. Shortlisted candidates took active part and won laurels for their houses. The atmosphere was full of enthusiasm and immense zeal. Students made attractive pieces of art showcasing the theme.

Grade 9 & 10 (Boys)

Ramadan Assembly was held on May 1st. Through presentation and video, the significance of Holy month of Ramadan was shared. Students took examples of various countries and explained the different ways people fast globally. They also recited the Holy Quran and described its meaning. With a power point presentation they elaborated the rules and health benefits of fasting. They were able to empathize with less fortunate ones and learn the health benefits of fasting.

Talents Day planned on May 5th is rescheduled for the month of October due to logistic issues.

Grade 11 & 12

First Unit Test was conducted from May 2nd till 19th for girls and from May 5th till 20th for boys. Students’ understanding of the concepts learnt was tested. Progress of learning was also checked.

Grade 11 & 12 (Boys)

Poem Writing Competition was conducted on May 18th. Students participated and showcased their talent in writing poems. Each of them selected one topic (Shadow, Tolerance, Rahhal, Misfits). Many of them followed rhyme scheme and there was a particular rhythm for many poems when recited. It was an opportunity to identify a poet in them and prove themselves as aspiring poets.

Economics Forum (4th Edition) was held on May 27th. The objective of this program was met. It enhanced students’ learning the subject in a non-traditional way. They participated in various activities such as quiz, picture theme, news room, reality omics and more. The winners in different segments were awarded with merit certificates. It motivated them to learn the subject in a collaborative setting and fun filled way. Feedback form collected from the students reveals that they look forward to learn and have such programs in future.

Story Writing competition planned on May 29th is postponed to a later date due to logistic issues.


Ramadan Assembly was held on May 1st for grade 7 & 8 boys. Students learned about the significance of the Ramadan and also the importance of charity work during this Holy month.

Calligraphy (Arabic) competition was conducted on May 16th for grade 9 girls. The purpose of this competition for students was to improve their presentation skills and inculcate the habit of good handwriting skills. Their writing pieces were assessed on the basis of writing styles, curves, patterns and neatness.

Poetry Writing (Arabic) competition planned on May 15th for grade 10 girls is postponed due to logistic issue.


The World Scholar’s Cup took place between May 17th & 18th. Our students showcased their performance in all areas of the event and bagged many silver and gold medals. Both Senior and Junior division teams qualified for the Global Round. The Global Rounds will be held in five places - Astana, Durban, Sydney, Hague and Beijing. 28 teams registered from our school.


Aviation Experience Day was held on May 1st for grade 12 Science with Maths at University of South Wales Dubai. Through this day, students were given orientation on the opportunities in the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering. Workshops on Aviation tools and hands-on experience on flight simulation were also included.

Design Workshop was conducted on May 2nd for grade 12 Science with Maths at Ajman University. Students have been oriented about sustainable Architecture & Interior Design using recycled and sustainable materials to create innovative design form.

Architecture Workshop & 3D Modelling was conducted on May 4th for grade 12 Science with Engineering Graphics at Al Ghurair University. The purpose was to engage students into Architecture workshop and 3D modelling. It was also an opportunity for them to experience being an ‘Architect for a Day’.


A Talk for Parents was conducted on May 3rd for grade 11 & 12 parents. Parents were informed about how to go about with college search and admission procedure of the countries (USA, UK, Canada, and European & Asian Countries). It also helped them to understand the services provided by the Career Guidance Centre of our school.

Interest Assessment for grade 8 girls & boys and Personality Assessment for grade 9 girls were conducted from May 6th till 27th respectively. The objective of this online assessment was to measure grade 8 students likes & dislikes towards various activities and relates it to careers. It aimed at creating self-awareness and giving a holistic picture for grade 9 girls’ dominant characteristics & traits.


CPD Program on Microsoft Office Level 2010 was organised from May 1st till 28th for teachers. This program included Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.