School News May 2018

June 21, 2018


Grade 5 & 6 (Girls)

Labour Day was celebrated on May 6th. Through this day, students performed a skit and a dance based on a Hindi song. It provided them an insight on the importance of work and respect towards the people irrespective of their work. It also helped to inculcate in them the value of hard work and understand the need to follow the ethics of work.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Ramadan’ was held on May 8th. This assembly was an opportunity to train students in portraying the essence of Ramadan. Skit, poetry and music were presented elucidating the beauty of the topic. It helped to inculcate among them the value of tolerance and secularism. It also helped them understand the norms followed during the holy month of Ramadan and create a bond of love & kinship with everyone irrespective of any religion.

Calligraphy Competition was conducted on May 17th. Students were given a portion from the literature chapter and they were asked to write it down. It aimed to enhance their writing skills and to bring to light their creative ability. It was also an opportunity for them to exhibit their creativity and for the teachers to recognize & utilize this talent in any future section activities.

World Culture activity was organised on May 13th. Students portrayed the diversified culture, economical, religious, political and social structure of Japan & Nepal. It helped them understand the cultural heritage of the (chosen) country, to broaden their perspective about the norms they followed and to inculcate the feelings of empathy & respect towards their people.

Creative/Poetry Writing Competition was conducted on May 28th. During this competition, an image was given to grade 6 based on which they had to write poetry and simultaneously a story starter was provided to grade 5 based on which they had to write a story. It helped students identify their creative caliber and hone their writing abilities which can in future lead to them to being writers of poets. The identification of their inner creative talents will help them shine in the field of art and literature. It was also an opportunity for them to correlate and employ literary devices learnt in class to create their masterpieces.

Grade 5 & 6 (Boys)

Labour Day (Gifts to School Support Staff) was celebrated on May 1st. School support staff (Chachas and Didis) was invited to the section and students presented their gifts to them as a token of appreciation for their dedication & commitment. It helped to encourage among them the values of giving back to society.

Talents Day was held on May 7th. Through this day, students participated enthusiastically in different programs like solo & group singing, solo & group dance and musical instruments. They entertained the audience with their creative talents. It was also an opportunity for them to exhibit their artistic & musical talents and thereby improve their self-confidence.

Career Day was held on May 16th & 17th. On this day, interested parents partook and were pleased to present the experience about their profession through sketches, drawings, PPT & more. It was an opportunity for students to hear from a range of professionals including Doctors, Architect, Engineers and more. The speakers were pleasantly surprised by the students’ enthusiasm, perceptive responses and intelligent questions. They really enlightened the young minds about their profession and made the full of memorable moments. It helped them get a better understanding about their future career options.

Story Writing Competition (English & Hindi) was conducted on May 22nd. This competition was an opportunity for students to showcase their writing skills and creativity. Topic was given on the spot and the first best three students from each grade were selected as winners for their writing work and for expressing their thoughts creatively.

Grade 7 & 8 (Girls)

Talents Day was held on May 7th. This day was an opportunity for students to showcase their talents in dancing and singing. It also enabled them to develop their organizational and leadership skills.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Ramadan’ was conducted on May 14th. Through a role play, students highlighted the importance of their topic and the rules to be followed during the holy month of Ramadan.

Grade 7 & 8 (Boys)

World Family Day was celebrated on May 15th. During this day, Grade 7 students participated in pen holder competition and grade 8 students in coaster making competition with valuable messages written on it. It helped to make students realize the importance of their family and also being global citizens.

Grade 9 & 10 (Girls)

A Thematic Assembly titled ‘May Day’ was held on May 2nd. The purpose of this assembly was to instill among students a sense of respect and appreciation for different kinds of labor. The theme was clearly depicted through a speech acknowledging the hard work of the workers followed by a drama. Their rhythmic steps also magnificently showcased their dancing skills.

Card Making and Tagline Competition was conducted on May 8th. This competition demonstrated the students’ creativity through art and language. It also proved to be a medium for them to honor the love of their mothers.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘International Day of Families’ was held on May 9th. Students depicted the theme effectively by presenting the importance of family and family as a self-sufficient society by itself. The special prayer and pledge followed by a short play built up the spirit among them.

Arabic Assembly titled ‘The Essence of Ramadan’ was held on May 9th. This assembly created awareness among students of the sanctity and ideals of the Holy Ramadan. They highlighted the importance of the Holy month and gave information on various aspects of Ramadan.

Grade 9 (Boys)

International Day of Biodiversity was celebrated on May 22nd. During this day, students participated in placard making competition. They propagated the concept depicting Endangered Animals and learnt that the number of species is being significantly reduced by certain human activities. List of animals were given to them to select from. They gave reasons for their endangerment, different ways to save them, how it affected biodiversity and the steps taken by the government to curb this situation.

Grade 9 & 10 (Boys)

Ramadan Assembly was held on May 16th. The Department of Arabic & Islamic Studies shared the significance of this holy month through presentation, video and explanation on the different ways people fast globally. Students recited the holy Quran and a poem in Arabic language. They also explained the rules to be followed during the holy month of Ramadan.

Grade 10 (Boys)

World No Tobacco Day was held on May 31st. This day aimed to highlight the health risks associated with tobacco use. Students were engaged in a poster making inter-class competition and displayed how adolescents get attracted towards tobacco products. They also depicted how plain packaging can curb the initial thought of trying it. It was overwhelming and the motive of enlightening them took the shape of a reality. It also created awareness against the use of tobacco and empowered adolescents who will be prepared to combat this devil of tobacco use with ease.

Grade 11 & 12 (Girls)

Investiture Ceremony scheduled during this month has not happened yet due to conflict with other school function. It is now postponed to September.

Grade 11 & 12 (Boys)

Entrepreneurship Field Trip to Oasis Water Company, Jebel Ali was organised on May 9th for Entrepreneurship students. This educational trip was an opportunity for students to observe the operations like production process and packaging. They also gathered information based on observations to make a report, this forms a part of their practical.

Annual Picnic to Aquaventure Waterpark was organised on May 10th. During this picnic, students had a good time on the rides and other attractions. It was a fun filled day out.


Brain O’ Bee – Inter School Neuro Science Quiz Competition was conducted on May 10th at Manipal (MAHE) University, Dubai for grade 11 & 12 boys. During this competition, 400 students from all over U.A.E. participated. First round of written MCQ’s test shortlisted the top 8 students for the final round of quiz. Our student from grade 12 Science was one among the finalists. He secured seventh position and was awarded a trophy and certificate.


Book Fair was organised from May 6th to 10th. This program was an opportunity for students to visit and buy all kinds of educational books with reasonable price. They utilized the opportunity and it also helped them improve their knowledge.


Information Session on Responsible Online Behavior was held on May 1st for grade 9 boys. The objective of this session was to educate students about responsible social media behavior. They were motivated to be more responsible in using social media.

Information Session on Careers in Accountancy & Finance was held on May 6th at SP Jain School of Global Management Dubai campus for grade 12 Commerce. This session helped to expose students with the latest trends and developments in Accountancy & Finance sector in order to enable them to choose the right career paths. They were oriented about the trends, development and challenges in Accountancy & Finance sectors.

A Special Presentation of San Mateo Colleges- Skyline College (USA) scheduled on May 7th for grade 12 did not push through because the university representative did not confirm the visit to school.

SAT Mock Test was conducted on May 13th for grade 11 & 12. Students were given a test preparation and experiential learning to know the coverage & scope of SAT. It will help them to be more confident to take the actual SAT as they could prepare for the areas they have difficulty.


Student Talks on the topics ‘Time Management’ for grade 5 boys and ‘Higher Education Admission’ for grade 12 were held on May 6th & 9th respectively. These talks helped grade 5 students to understand the importance of how to manage time with effective. Grade 12 students were provided details of admission procedures in colleges (US, UK, Canada, EU, SE Asia, & India).

Parent Talks on the topics ‘Bridging Gap’ for grade 5 & 6 parents and ‘College Search & Admission Procedure’ for grade 11 & 12 parents were conducted on May 11th. These talks aimed to help grade 5 & 6 parents’ deal with the challenges with their preteens and how to bridge the gap. Grade 11 & 12 parents were provided with details of admission procedures in colleges (US, UK, Canada, Ireland).

Interest Test by a resource person from India was conducted on May 22nd for grade 8 girls and on May 23rd for grade 8 boys. Through standardized tests, interest areas of students were ascertained. Assessment followed by a seminar was included. Report will be given during the third week of June.

Personality Test by a resource person from India was conducted on May 22nd for grade 9 girls and on May 23rd for grade 9 boys. Personality areas of students were ascertained through standardized tests. Result will be given during the third week of June.


CPD program on E-Learning was organised from May 1st till 17th. This training helped us to determine the level and effectiveness of some of our teachers in using ‘Interactive White Boards’.

Innovation and Everyday Learning for Secondary School teachers in the subject of Social Science was held on May 4th. The topics dealt were to develop critical thinking & problem solving skills, research based learning in social science, developing analytical research skills, creating global awareness for understanding world diversities, sensitizing the students about political, social & economic issues facing the world, preparing student for leadership roles, question paper setting skills and developing effective strategies to teach & prepare students to reduce exam stress & optimize performance levels.

A Workshop on Gestalt + Narrative Therapy, Occupational and Massage Therapy was conducted on May 5th for selected Counsellors. The objective of this workshop was to give further training for in-house counsellors as part of continuous professional development initiatives.

Happy Healthy Self Information Sharing Session was conducted on May 24th at Canadian University Dubai for selected Counsellors. This session aimed to provide a platform where we can gain from each other’s knowledge and experience in helping students generate positive energy, work towards a positive mindset and subsequently elevate their overall sense of wellbeing, which is proven to be a significant component of students’ success.


Our team from grades 10 to 12 boys competed in the 4th Invitational T-20 Cricket Tournament from May 2nd to 6th organised by SelaQui International School, SelaQui, Dehradun, India. Our team played league matches against SelaQui International School we lost the matches very closely. We won second match against Tulas International School, Dehradun. Our school played quarter final match against Kasiga International School, Dehradun and lost narrowly. It was an opportunity for our students to participate in tournament and play against the school teams in India.

Gymnasiade 2018, ISF World School Summer Games was held in Morocco from May 2nd to 9th. Our school swimming team participated in the swimming competition held at Olympic swimming pool in Casablanca. Elite swimmers from all over the world participated in the championship. It was a unique opportunity for our swimmers to compete with the world class swimmers. Most of our swimmers performed their personal best and placed in second half of the final finish list.