School News December 2017

January 22, 2018


Grade 5 & 6

Christmas Celebration was conducted December 21st. Through this celebration, students got the spirit of Christmas, peace & harmony. It also helped to inculcate the value of love and friendship. Group of students went around caroling to entertain other students & teachers with their songs & music. Girls’ students adorned their classes with Christmas baubles and Boys’ students participated in Design a Christmas Tree interclass competition. It encouraged creativity, innovation and appreciation of various cultures & traditions.

Grade 5 & 6 (Boys)

UAE National Day Celebration was held on December 4th. Thematic assembly was conducted on account of this day. It helped to inculcate among students the spirit of the Union of UAE. Classroom decoration was also included.

Periodic Test Two was conducted from December 7th to 14th. This test allowed students to monitor and improve their learning with the help of teacher feedback.

Grades 5 to 8

Cinema for a Cause was organised on December 6th & 13th respectively. This program provided value based entertainment, which instill certain ethics within the students. It also imbibed within them the reason or purpose of the day, developed a sense of compassion and inculcated a spirit of charity. Funds will be used to meet the educational and other needs of the tribal girls in India (Jharkhand). A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to Dubai Autism Centre.

Grade 7 & 8 (Girls)

Thematic Assembly titled ‘UAE National Day’ was held on December 4th. During this day, students spoke about the importance of the topic and read out an important quote by H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. It also helped to bring the spirit of unity and oneness for the nation.

Grade 9 & 10 (Girls)

Ethnic Day was celebrated on December 21st. Students came in Indian traditional wear. They clad in bright colours and spread a lot of joy & cheer around. It was also an opportunity to present their talent in music, dance and more. This day rightly marked the end of the year.

Year End Festivities were conducted on December 13th & 19th. During these activities students were engaged in inter-house Christmas decorating competition and group of carol singers was on the move performing at various stations in the school campus. The competition effectively honed their artistic skills and caroling was an opportunity to exhibit their musical talent & charisma. They also presented an assembly on the Christmas theme to share the significance of the various symbols connected to it. They spread the message of peace and goodwill well in tune with the season.

Grade 9 (Boys)

International Anti-Corruption Day was held on December 6th. Through thematic assembly, students highlighted the problems & threats posed by corruption to the stability & security of societies, undermining the values of democracy and jeopardizing sustainable development. It was also an opportunity for them to reaffirm commitment to ending the deceit & dishonesty that threaten sustainable development of nations and our efforts to achieve peace & prosperity for all on a healthy planet.

Grade 10 (Boys)

Orientation for stream subjects and the scope for proper selection by students for their study in grade 11 for the next academic year was conducted on December 12th.The purpose of this orientation was to acquaint students with procedure for admission in Grade 11. It also helped to empower and inform them to navigate their career course in the right direction.

Grade 11 & 12 (Girls)

Section Farewell was held on December 20th. Program began with gifting grade 12 students a tiara symbolizing their royalty which was also the theme. Further they proceeded with the entertainment and DJ party at the sports complex which was beautifully transformed to a dance floor. The function concluded by gifting a customized autograph book to all passing out batch. They left with a smile on their face and lots of memories to cherish. Student of the Year 2K17 was also included.

House Day was conducted on December 21st. During this day, students were engaged in cheer leading, group dance, slam poetry, group singing, mascot and fashion show. It was a fun filled event consisting of different segments with all creative and talented minds. Dressed in their best outfits and lovely costumes, girls had surely made this house day very memorable. The stunning performances and melodious songs had surely lit up the event, all the segments were filled with passion and the audience enjoyed themselves to the fullest.

Grade 11 & 12 (Boys)

PTCS was organised on December 13th for grade 11 and on December 20th for grade 12. This session was an opportunity for teachers and parents to discuss about their student’s progress and performance in academics. Grade 12 parents were also briefed about the winter classes for the weak and bright students in the form of remedial and enrichment classes.

Farewell to Grade 12 students was conducted on December 19th. Students of grade 11 gave a memorable farewell to their seniors to which the seniors thanked them generously. Students enjoyed the DJ set by their juniors. Class photograph session was also arranged for them.

Grade 12 (Boys)

Annual Picnic was organised on December 14th. Students were taken to Ice land Ras Al Kaimah. It was an opportunity for them to enjoy a full day outside the classrooms.


MUN members from grades 8 to 12 participated in the IHS MUN Club Conference on December 22nd & 23rd. This conference enabled students to further hone their skills of efficient & effective research, public-speaking, diplomacy, negotiation, leadership and awareness of international affairs. The Model United Nations is the academic simulation of the UN in which students assume the roles of diplomats / personalities of importance and relevance, attempting to reach resolutions to major and diverse world problems.


Student Talks on the topic ‘Communication with Parents’ was held on December 18th for grade 7 girls and ‘College Readiness part 2’ was conducted during this month for grade 11. These talks helped grade 7 girls enhance & improve their communication skills with their parents and grade 11 students’ understand the emerging careers and latest trends.


21st Local Colleges Fair was held on December 1st for grades 10, 11 & 12. This fair provided an opportunity for students to meet and get first-hand information from university representatives and explore their options at UAE colleges / universities. They were able to get knowledge about the university’s programs offer, admission requirements, application process & deadlines and fee structure.

Psychology in Action Workshop was conducted on December 9th at Heriot-Watt University Dubai for grade 11 & 12 Commerce with Psychology. The purpose of this workshop was to give orientation to students the wonder of the Psychology profession, understand its basic concepts on improving the quality of life and clarify the myths in Psychology. They were involved in interactive activities and sessions. It helped them understand the core concept of Psychology aspects of things.

Our students and guidance counsellors attended the India Education Fair on December 10th at Crowne Plaza Dubai (grade 11 & 12). Through this fair, students got knowledge about the university’s programs offer, admission requirements, application process & deadlines and fee structure. They also met and got first-hand information from university representatives and explored their options at India colleges / universities.

Our students participated in the Accounting and Finance Workshop conducted on December 16th at Middlesex University Dubai for grade 11 & 12 Commerce with Accountancy. During this workshop, students were provided an interactive session to understand the idea of the Accounting framework and know its application in the real world.

Hospitality Backstage Program by Modul University Dubai which was scheduled during this month for grade 12 Commerce & Humanities students did not happen because there was a conflict with the hotel’s schedule and operational activities.

A General Guidance Session was held on December 18th for grade 10 by a resource person from India. Parents and students were made aware of current opportunities and trends in career choices.


A Health Talk titled ‘Puberty’ was conducted on December 10th for grade 5 & 6 girls. Through this talk, students were educated about the hormonal and physical changes taking place in their body during adolescence. It was an interactive session wherein they got an opportunity to clarify doubts related to puberty and adolescence. It helped them increase awareness among them regarding puberty and to dispel the related misconceptions. It also helped to increase their confidence levels.

A Health Talk titled ‘Hand Hygiene’ was conducted on December 10th for grade 5 & 6 boys. Students were taught about the importance of hand hygiene and proper hand washing technique with the help of an engaging audio -visual presentation. It helped them learn about maintaining good hand hygiene and its role in preventing various infections & illnesses.


A Workshop for Senior Secondary teachers was held on December 8th in the subjects of Mathematics. This workshop helped our teachers to improve their ‘Question Paper Setting’ skills and handle ‘HOTS’ questions.

Training Program titled ‘Use of Technology in Teaching Mathematics’ by the resource person from India was conducted on December 9th for middle school teachers. Teachers gained immensely and learnt various ways to apply ICT in the subject.

Training Program titled ‘Responsive Design with HTML and CSS’ by the resource person from India was held on December 16th for middle school teachers in the subject of Computer Science. Teachers were guided with hands-on approach to be at ease to teach these topics.

Training Programs titled ‘Android App Development’ was conducted on December 13th & 14th and ‘Ethical Hacking’ was held on December 17th & 18th for grade 11 & 12 by the resource person from India. Students have now two courses to add in their personal profile.


Inter-Class Sports Competition was conducted during this month for grade 9 & 10 boys. This competition was an opportunity for students to maximize their sporting potential and find a sport that they can enjoy & participate in. It also helped to inculcate among them the values of sportsmanship, fair play, teamwork and more.