School News April 2018

May 14, 2018


Grade 5 & 6 (Boys)

Salad Making competition was held on April 8th. On account of World Health Day, students participated in this competition and explained the importance of eating fruits & vegetables. It helped to raise awareness towards health issues and healthy habits.

Cinema for a Cause was conducted on April 15th. Students entertained themselves by watching the movie ‘Coco’ and enjoyed popcorn & juice. It helped to develop the value of giving among students. It also provided entertainment for a noble cause. It will help tribal girls for their further education.

Earth Day with the theme ‘Nurture a Plant’ was celebrated on April 22nd. During this day, students contributed plants and seedlings to make the school green. It helped to promote an awareness of environment and to inculcate the responsibility to use the natural resources judiciously & conserve them for future generations.

Makers Day was held on April 23rd. Through this day, students participated in competition enthusiastically and made some useful, innovative & creative objects. It helped to improve their spatial thinking, creativity and innovation.

Book Day (Characters Coming to Life) was celebrated on April 24th. On account of this day, students participated in competition and enacted as different characters. They entertained the audience with their amazing dialogues. It helped to inspire them the passion for reading and also to build their confidence into creativity & imaginations.

Grade 7 & 8 (Girls)

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Earth Day’ was held on April 16th. During this assembly, students highlighted the importance of the day through a skit and song. Value points were also given on sustainability and protecting our planet Earth. It helped to inculcate in students the social and ethical values.

Cinema for a Cause was conducted on April 23rd. Through this program, students learnt to blend the values of recreation and charity. They were entertained with a movie and provided with popcorn and juice. It helped to inculcate in students the value of sharing and giving. It will also help to provide funds for tribal girls for their education.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘World Book Day’ was held on April 23rd. Students highlighted the importance of reading through a skit and song. As it is also the Year of Zayed, a poem dedicated to H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahayan was also read out. It helped to instill in the students a love for reading.

Making of Book Mark and Book Cover competition was conducted on April 23rd. This competition was an opportunity for students to display their creativity and organizational skills. Grade 7 made book mark and grade 8 made book cover.

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Labour Day’ was held on April 30th. Students put up a street play, song and highlighted the role played by every individual who contribute towards the society. It aimed to instill among students a sense of respect & appreciation for different kinds of labour and to uphold workers’ rights.

Grade 7 & 8 (Boys)

World Health Day was celebrated on April 8th. During this day, students were taught First Aid Safety Measures by school medical team and basic information on health care was given by their science teachers. It helped to raise awareness towards health issues and healthy living.

A Special Assembly titled ‘Year of Zayed’ was conducted on April 18th. Through skit & PPT presentation, students were made aware of the importance of celebrating ‘Year of Zayed’. It helped to instill among them the values of late Sheikh Zayed and work together to fulfill its vision.

Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd. This day was an opportunity for students to enact a street play during recess to raise awareness towards the rising issues of global warming and cutting down of trees to build more cities. It helped them analyze the importance of environment protection.

Donation of Books was organised on the entire month of April. Students donated books for those who cannot afford to buy books. It helped to develop awareness among them about donating books and to inculcate the value sharing knowledge with others.

Grade 8 (Boys)

Service Day (visit to Junior School) was held on April 12th. Students helped KG1 teachers in taking care of the Kindergarten students on their first day to school as a part of their voluntary service. It helped them learn about caring and compassionate values.

Grade 9 & 10 (Girls)

Thematic Assembly titled ‘Earth Day’ was conducted on April 22nd. This assembly created awareness among students about the need and importance of environmental conservation. They started with a dance drama bringing out the importance of environmental conservation followed by a song sung by them.

Inter-house Quiz Competition was held on April 22nd. This competition aimed to strengthen students’ general knowledge. It also helped to promote a sense of healthy competition and team spirit among them. The final contestants were selected based on the preliminary round where they were tested in all areas.

An Annual Picnic to Motiongate for Grade 9 and to Aquaventure for Grade 10 was organized on April 23rd. The visit to these places was packed with fun, adventure & excitement for students ensuring team building and a sense of fellowship among them.

Cinema for a Cause was conducted on April 25th. The purpose of this program was to develop a sense of compassion among students and to inculcate the spirit of charity. Through their contribution they were shown the movie titled ‘Hichki’ and the amount will be used to help the education of tribal girls. It was an experience which was completely entertaining for them.

Salad Dressing and Sandwich Making competition was conducted on April 30th. This competition created awareness among students about nutrition facts and healthy food habits. Their creativity was revealed through the beautiful designs and patterns formed with different salads and sandwiches. They explained the specialty of their salads & sandwiches and also how well these were nutritionally balanced.

Grade 9 (Boys)

World Earth Day was celebrated on April 22nd. The objective of this day was to raise awareness for environmental protection. Students presented street plays across the campus. The skits aimed to make students understand the importance of preserving the environment and moreover learn more about sustainability. It was an enlightening experience for them that empowered everyone with the knowledge to inspire action in defense of environmental protection.

World Book Day was held on April 23rd. This day aimed to proselytize the habit of reading among students and turn them into ardent readers. Students dressed up in famous characters and enacted really well and spoke about its books and their respective authors, invigorating everyone to explore the pleasure of reading and pay tribute to the popular characters and eminent authors. They also dressed as various characters from ‘Dukh ka Adhikar’ and presented a skit and highlighted the conservative mindset of the society towards poor & less privileged.

Grade 9 & 10 (Boys)

World Health Day was held on April 5th. Students participated in Yoga session and inter-house poster making & salad competition. It helped them learn the health benefits of doing Yoga everyday and an opportunity for them to use their creativity, innovative thinking & brilliant art work that sent a powerful message of how important it is to look after one’s health. It also helped to inculcate healthy food habits and awareness regarding the choice of food among the youth. An inter-class competition was also conducted where they displayed health benefits of one fruit or one vegetable assigned to them. They learnt its importance in our regular diet.

World Heritage Day (Dept. of Social Science) was celebrated on April 18th. Through thematic assembly, students delivered an inspirational speech to spread awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage & sustainable development and the efforts required to protect & conserve it. Students of Grade 9 propagated the concept of sustainable development by creating beautiful thematic posters depicting Incredible India and UAE.

Student Council Elections was conducted on April 25th. Students democratically elect new members for the esteemed Student Council for the academic year 2018- 2019. It was a weeklong electoral activity where they filled out applications for various posts in the council. Selected students delivered speeches in a clear, poised and articulate manner. They communicated their strengths and abilities, focusing on leadership, organizational skills, empathy and kindness in order to promote a climate of community service, school spirit and openness for the love of learning. Each candidate was full of confidence, zeal and passion and conveyed their message. This was followed by the selection of the leaders on the basis of majority votes from the students. The teachers also cast their votes for all the positions in the student council.

Grade 11 (Boys)

Math Workshop scheduled on April 22nd is postponed to a later date (date not yet confirmed) due to conflict with other school program.

Grade 11 & 12 (Boys)

Student Council Elections was conducted from April 16th till 30th. Selection for various posts of Student Council was conducted for a fortnight. Selection was based on the speeches given by contestants before panel members, who shortlisted the candidates and selected them for various posts. Head Boy was elected by the students and teachers while the four house members elected their Captains.

Grade 12 (Boys)

Salesmanship Field Trip was organised on April 24th. Through this educational trip, Commerce students were taken to Dubai Refreshments LLC., Pepsi as a part of practical activity of Salesmanship. It was an opportunity for them to visit the soft drink processing unit, manufacturing unit, labelling and packing unit in the factory tour. It also helped them learn the distribution channels they follow and the quality control techniques. It was a good on site learning experience for them.


ACT Mock Test was conducted on April 8th for grade 11 & 12. This mock test helped students to be more confident to take the actual ACT as they could prepare for the areas they have difficulty. Test preparation and experiential learning were given for them to know the coverage and scope of ACT.

Special Presentations of University of Sydney (Australia), Symbiosis International (Deemed University) India, St. Mary’s University Huron at Western University, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences and Foothill-De Anza Colleges (USA) were held on April 10th, 11th & 25th for grade 12 respectively. These presentations provided opportunity to students to meet university representative/s and get first- hand information about their programs offer, admission requirements & application process and fee structure.

Information Session on Biodiversity by Prof. Brendon Laison, Faculty of Environment from University of Waterloo was conducted on April 16th for grade 12 Science with Biology. This session was an opportunity for students to explore the concept of ‘Biodiversity’ as well as why it matters to human well-being. It helped them understand its importance.

USA Liberal Arts Colleges Mini Fair was held on April 17th for grade 12. This fair aimed to inform students about their programs offer, admission requirements, application process & deadlines, and fee structure. Participated Colleges were Skidmore College, Sarah Lawrence College, St. John’s College, Franklin & Marshall College, Denison College and Bucknell College.

Information Session on Careers in Banking & Finance by Mr. Pradeep Chandrasekaran, Co-Founder & Director of Finmark Trainers India was conducted on April 21st for grade 12 Commerce. Through this session, students were exposed with the latest trends and developments in the Banking & Financial space in order to enable them to choose the right career paths. It helped them understand the challenges in the field of Banking & Finance to make them have an informed decision if this is the right career for them.

Information Session on Careers in Cyber Security by Mrs. Deepthi Vijayan and the team from Paramount Computer Systems was conducted on April 25th for grade 11. This session was an opportunity to orient students and make them aware with the emerging career related to cyber security in the digital world.


Student Talks on the topics ‘Self-Esteem’, ‘Bully Proofing’ and ‘Get Set Goal’ was held on April 16th, 29th & 30th for grade 6 boys, grade 7 and grade 8 respectively. These talks helped students identify & develop their ways to improve self-esteem, be aware of the different types of bullying with strategies to handle bullies and to set smart goals.

A Student Talk on the topic ‘Study Smart’ scheduled on April 17th for grade 9 is postponed due to conflict with other school program and will be conducted in the month of May.

A Talk for Teachers was held on April 24th for newly recruited teachers. During this talk, orientation was given to new teachers about the Counselling, Career & Learning Centre and their Services.

A Parent Talk on the topic ‘Understanding your Adolescent’ was conducted on April 27th for grades 7 to 9. The purpose of this talk was to help parents know their teen better.


Parent Talk on the topic ‘Literacy Numeracy’ was held on April 27th for grade 5 & 6 parents whose wards are receiving Learning Center Support. This talk helped parents understand strategies for reading & spelling, silent letters and two step word problems.


CPD program on E-Learning – “Destination Success” and “Use of Interactive White Boards” was organised from April 16th till 30th respectively. These trainings helped our teachers to understand the collaborative tool needed. They were trained in the effective use of the eLearning modules along with the eLearning equipment that is made available in the classroom. It also helped us to determine the level and effectiveness of some of our teachers in using ‘Interactive White Boards’.

Happy Healthy Self Information Sharing Session scheduled on April 19th is postponed as informed by the organisers (CUD) and will be conducted in the month of May.

A Workshop each on CBT + REBT, Speech & Language Therapy was held on April 21st for selected Counsellors. This workshop was a further training for in-house counsellors as part of continuous professional development initiatives. They learnt how to apply the therapeutic interventions in their school counselling practices. They also learnt about exercises & interventions that they can implement for their students, that can address the academic, social, developmental and emotions concerns of students.

Exploratory Approach for Middle School teachers in the subject of Science was held on April 27th. The topics dealt were Hands on Experiment based learning, Investigative based learning, Discovery approach, Inquiry based learning, Collaborative learning, Experiential learning (connecting day to day experiences with learning) which will include engage, elicit, explain, elaborate and evaluate, Project based learning, Analytical approach, Constructive approach, How to make Blue Print of question paper and How to frame questions with special reference to the Stem of the questions.